Everyone knows that Stoulton has a Village Hall it doesn't have a school!  

But venture inside the Village Hall and look around on the walls and you will soon see that the Village Hall was once the village school.


When the school closed in 1934 the children, who for decades and in all weathers had tramped across the fields to Stoulton village school, turned towards Drakes Broughton instead.  The older children had moved on to the new school in Pershore and Stoulton started to it's journey towards the quiet little backwater it is today.


The Village Hall building isn't a very large building but imagine it half that size -  just 16' x 30'!  Such were the dimensions of the building as originally built when the school was opened in 1877.  The school building may seem small to us today but to the children, who from the early years of the 19th century had attended the little school set up by the vicar in Vicarage Cottage (now The Tynings), it must have seemed very different.


In 1877 Stoulton School was sponsored by The National Society for Promoting Education of the Poor in the Principles of the Church of England. The school roll included the names of 75 girls and boys, about 30 of them were infants who were taught in the gallery!  Of course it was rare for all the children to be there together, records show that average attendance was about 50 not surprising in an area where most of there parents eked out a living on the land the children were expected to help in the busy periods, picking peas and fruit and helping gathering in the harvest. In the days before antibiotics infectious diseased like influenza, measles, whooping cough and scarlet fever swept through pupils and staff alike.