The new parish map has been created by the VISION 2020 Map Group to celebrate STOULTON 900. 

StoultonParishMap_22042020_print copy 2.
Adobe Acrobat Document 1.2 MB


Three new circular trails with walker's directions have also been created.  The routes follow public footpaths but they are not 'way marked'. Please contact us if you find any part of the route you are following confusing. Suggestions for improvement will be carefully considered and an updated will be uploaded if the team consider your suggestions an improvement.

 Maps and walkers directions can be downloaded in Pdf form or you can follow the walker's directions on your mobile phone or tablet - this website is mobile friendly.  All walks can start in the Car Park for Stoulton Woodland on the B4084. The longest walk, Walk 3 has access points in Stoulton Village for those coming to Stoulton by bus and The Worcestershire Parkway Railway Station for those arriving by train. Wherever you come from you will find a warm welcome in St. Edmund's where you can find more information about this 900 year old building and the history of the parish it has served for so long. Click below to discover more.

Walk 1

Walk 2.

Walk 3