Come through the church door........

Whether you have come for 10 minutes or for several hours you are very welcome. Have a look around, enjoy a cup of coffee (or tea), chat, get out your knitting or join one of our informal activity groups.

This Christian building  has been here for 900 years, its stones can tell you many stories, Sandy can help you discover some of them.  She is also collecting stories for our local legacy project,  do tell her if you have something you would like included.

The altar frontal in the chancel was made by Anna, you can meet her at the ‘Art’ table most  Wednesday mornings. On the wall you can see  Anna’s beautiful textile collage that enabled St Edmund’s to win £10,000 in the Ecclessiastical Community Mural Competition in 2017. We went to St. Paul’s Cathedral to receive our prize. The money went towards our beautiful, new, double glazed door with its Tree of Life manifestation.  The doorway had been blocked since 1821, watch ‘The Unblocking’ a digital presentation on the Visitor’s Table .

In the afternoons Mary will be demonstrating her smart handwriting. Like these children you can have a go too!