From the past, into the present and on into the future - we are all part of the story of Stoulton.

June 2020.  Everyone who has ever lived in, or visited Stoulton, is part of its story and that includes us - resident or visitor - we are all part of the story of this place.  


The past few months has brought this into clearer focus.  Because of Covid 19 we have had many opportunities and the time to take a fresh look at the place where we live and to be grateful to it for its beauty, its environment and for the flora and fauna that live and grow here.  We also know that things could be about to change.  The proposed plans for a new town will affect us all, some more than others. Now is the time to create a legacy for future generations.


St Edmund's Church was built 900 years ago, the story of Stoulton can be traced through it and way beyond that.  The land on which we live is older still but the footprint of man upon this place has been light and has changed very little, until recently - dare I say it, until we came along!   Of course there has been change, the Stoulton History Group has been researching these changes; future generations may find it very different.


This project aims to tell the story of this place today.  We know quite a lot about Stoulton in 1920, the information in the 1910 Inland Revenue Survey has enabled the History Group to identify all the houses in the parish at that time and the names of those who lived in them. The sale of the Stoulton Estate describes many of these houses. Unfortunately we have not found the same information for those who lived on the Acton Estate but we can all pull together and create a record of Stoulton in 2020.



This information collected on this project will be used to create:

  • events and activities for the people living in and visiting Stoulton parish.
  • learning materials for students of all ages, especially school children.
  • visitor packages for heritage groups visiting St. Edmunds.

All communication will be through on this website.  

Newsletters will be sent to everyone who signs up to be involved

There will be periodic blogs to tell stories and give ideas.

Associated talks and visits will organised if there is sufficient support.


To follow this story please Contact Us and send us your address.