'Stoulton' a unique place-name. It is attached to just one village and the parish the village sits in.  


The story of Stoulton in south Worcestershire, UK, goes back to a time when three ancient settlements, Stoulton, Mucknell and Wolverton, were distant farmsteads belonging to the Bishop of Worcester’s Kempsey Estate.  A King's Charter, written in 840 AD, indicates that Stoulton, Mucknell and Wolverton, were returned to the Bishop of Worcester by King Bertwulf of Mercia after the bishop had been unjustifiably deprived of them! 


What made Stoulton, Mucknell and Wolverton significant enough to warrant a King's Charter?  


More than a thousand years later time travellers from Stoulton are still searching for answers to this and  other secrets of Stoulton's hidden past. This website brings you an unfinished story.

Using this website

This is a "Stories from the Stones" website.  If the stones could speak what stories would they tell?  This websites gathers historical information to assist the stones to speak to you.  The page headings are self explanatory, each one has sub pages related to the main topic. Sources can be found here.


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This is one of three  "Stories from the Stones" websites. Each one has been designed to enable you to discover more about historic Stoulton. 

  • heritagedetectives.co.uk is a mobile friendly site for walkers, explorers, heritage detectives and anyone who likes to know just a little more about the the place they are exploring.
  • heritageknights.org  is a site for everyone interested in sharing local history and heritage with children. Here you can learn how to be a heritage detective, contribute to the Time Traveller's Guide and access new events and activities designed to help you to discover the "Stories in the Stones" of the places you love.




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