The place-name  -  'Stoulton' -  must be unique!  As far as we know it is attached to just one village, our village, and to the one parish in which that village sits!  Stoulton can be found in England, in south Worcestershire, between the town of Pershore and the Cathedral city of Worcester.  


The story of Stoulton goes back long before the year 844 when three small, seemingly insignificant, farming settlements, called Stoulton, Mucknell and Wolverton, were returned to the Bishop of Worcester by King Bertwulf of Mercia. Apparently the bishop had been unjustifiably deprived of them!  Why?  What was was so special about these three places that the event was recorded in a King's Charter?  


More than a thousand years later amateur historians from today's Stoulton still search for answers to this and other questions about Stoulton's past. This website brings you all we have discovered, it is an unfinished and still evolving story. 


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 This is a 'STORIES FROM THE STONES'  website. 

It's for curious people - people who 'wonder as they wander' around the English countryside and are curious to find out more about what they see.

There are two 'Stories from the Stones' websites; they work together to help you and your children and grandchildren learn to be heritage detectives, discover local history and hear stories in the stones.   

1. stoultonworcester.org     This site has information about the history of Stoulton parish. Stoulton is the home of the Heritage Knights.

2. heritagedetectives.co.uk This site is for visitors to Stoulton and places around and about. Here you will find maps and trails to help you to discover stopping places where heritage detectives 'spot and wonder' about what they see. This website also contains the Time Traveller's Guide, where you may find answers to your own questions.

 IMPORTANT NOTE.  If you have a photograph you would like to contribute to this web site we do need your written permission to use it. Download the Permission Form from the CONTACT US page. Complete and return it with your picture to sandymarchant6@icloud.com