This page contains an alphabetical Gazetteer of Stoulton Parish residents-past and present.

Information will be added as it becomes available. Current residents listed have given their permission to be included. Information about residents no longer living in the parish has been collected from archived documents.  If anyone listed is related to you and you would like to share any information or link us to a family history web site please contact us

PLEASE NOTE that the 19th century Census documents do not identify exactly where residents lived, only the locality.  This is why the Inland Revenue Survey of 1910 is so useful.

Victorian Stoulton. 1839-1901.

Miss Emma Tovey.  Farmer. Hill End Farm, Great Wolverton

Emma farmed 123 acres and employed 4 labourers.  

1851 Emma was 32, she lived with her 19 year old brother Herbert, Martha Fletcher (19) House servant, Elijah Whittle (21) Farm Labourer and Robert Reeve (15) Farm labourer.

Mrs Mary Hemming.  Farmer.  Brick Barns Farm.

1838. Mary is named on the Tithe Commutation Documentation as the Farmer.

1841 Census. Farmer Mary, aged 50, is living with her son William Hemming aged 20.

1851 Census. Mary is no longer living at Brick Barns Farm. William Loxley is now tenant of Brick Barns Farm.

Mrs Elizabeth Woodward.  Farmer.  Stoulton Farm.

1838.  Elizabeth is named on the Tithe Commutation Documentation as 'the farmer'.

1841 Census. Elizabeth is 70 but the writing is too difficult to read to make out if she still describes herself as a farmer.  She is listed as living with 20 year old Elizabeth Woodward, an Esther Robbins(15) and an Agricultural Labourer of 55 whose name is too difficult to decipher.

1850. Kelly's directory records William Barley as a Farmer in Stoulton.

1851 Census:  Elizabeth, now 79, is still living at Stoulton Farm but now with Elizabeth Barley (46) (her daughter) and two grandchildren. Her son-in-law, William Barley, is listed as 'the farmer' of Stoulton Farm, he farms 195 acres and employs 7 labourers. The family have I house servant and 2 farm labourers who live in the farmhouse.  

Mr Henry Woodward.  Maltster was living in the house now known as The Malthouse.

1838.  He is named on the Tithe Commutation Documentation as the Farmer- his land extended behind the church.

1841 Census:  Henry now appears as a Maltser, living with his wife Esther and and Elizabeth Woodward(20) presumably his daughter.  (but there is another 20 year old Elizabeth Woodward line over the road at Stoulton Farm!).  Ann Roper(30) an Elizabeth Roper(20) also live there.

1850 Kelly's Directory records Henry as a Shop Keeper.  (There is another Shop Keeper, John Tovey, in Windmill Hill

1851 Census: Henry is recorded as a Maltster.

17th Century Stoulton

Judith & Thomas Reading of Great Wolverton.

1615. A case in court before Robert Berkley of Spetchley (1/1/23/77). Two women Dorothy Hinton and Millicent Hinton (who would seem to have been rep ) William Bake and Dorothy Hinton were bound to keep the piece towards Judith Reading.

Edmond Baker, Yeoman of Mucknell.  d.1601

His will of 15/11/1602  (PROB 11/100/338) is held at the National Archives, Kew.

16th Century Stoulton

John Neville 1493 - 1543,  3rd Baron Latimer.  Lord of the Manor of Stoulton.

In his will he made legacies of land in Stoulton..... And whereas I have given and granted to my servants John Leighton and Robert Leighton certain several patents of the bailiwicks and keeperships of my lordships of Snape and Well in the county of York, and of my lordships of Stoulton and Wadborough in the county of Worcester, and have also granted to them by leases severally certain tenements, closes and grounds there, I will that my said servants shall have and hold and enjoy all their said offices and leases according to my grants thereof unto them in that behalf, and if my said servants or either of them be at any time hereafter interrupted or letted by mine heirs or otherwise so as they cannot or may not enjoy their said offices and leases and other the premises according to my said grants, then I will that my said servants John Leighton and Robert Leighton and either of them shall yearly have, take and receive one annuity of six pounds yearly to either of them severally, being so interrupted, during their said several lives out of my manors, lands and tenements at Wadborough and Stoulton in the said county of Worcester, over and besides their said yearly annuities granted them out of my said manor, lands and tenements in Scampston, Rillington, Bennington and Flixton as is above rehearsed;

15th Century Stoulton

14th Century Stoulton

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