Stoulton’ is the name of a village and a parish in south east Worcestershire, England.

STOULTON PARISH.  In this document all references to ‘Stoulton’ will refer to the area enclosed by today’s parish boundary. (recognising that the farmstead known as 'Cocks Holme,' now in Norton civil parish, was once a part of Stoulton).  


The high water table, productive arable farmland, and long views over river valleys to settlements on Bredon Hill and the Malvern Hills, have made this parish and its settlements a good place to live for centuries. Archaeological finds go back to the Bronze Age and there is considerable evidence of Iron Age and Roman activity, but this story begins with the coming of Christianity in Anglo-Saxon times. It was then that records began for three early farmsteads, Mucknell, Stoulton and Wolverton and they continue until the present day ( April 2022).  The population recorded for the parish in 2011 was 435 adults and 90 children in 176 household units.


STOULTON VILLAGE. For many today ‘Stoulton’ is better known as a village and ‘Stoulton village’ is how it will be referred to on this web site. Stoulton village is a small hilltop settlement, it was probably an early defensive site. When seen from above the village settlement sits within an ancient circle.

WOLVERTON. Divided into Great and Little Wolverton by Bishop Oswald in 987 both no more than hamlets today. A plan of the Stoulton Estate of 1634 shows the settlement in Great Wolverton to be at least as big as the Stoulton village of the day. Just why its fortunes declined is one of the mysteries still to be fully explained. 

MUCKNELL. The administration of the Saxon farmstead was absorbed into the administration of the manor of Stoulton quite early in post conquest history.  Today the old Mucknell farmhouse is a Benedictine monastery home to Anglican Benedictine monks and nuns.



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