20th century Stoulton

 In 2022 Stoulton Parish is a Civil Parish run by elected Parish Councillors with the help of a Parish Clerk.  To keep abreast of Parish happenings and the issues of the SWDP go to

The Stoulton Estate was sold in 1917.

Stoulton Parish and The Stoulton Estate were not synonymous.  The Stoulton Estate included many farms and properties located outside the parish. Stoulton Parish also included the land and property belonging to the Acton family at Little Wolverton. The 1910 Inland Revenue Valuation Survey created maps to identify land and property ownership. From this survey the names the landowners and their tenant can be identified,  very few properties were owner occupied. 

The Estate 1917 Sale prospectus still exist and have provided information on these pages.

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