1.6 miles (approx 1 hour)

An easy walk from the Stoulton Woodland car park to historic Stoulton Village and Church, returning back via the Woodlands.  

Download these details in Pdf form below.

The walk starts in the Stoulton Woodland Car Park on the B4084.



Each of these instructions will lead you to a point numbered on the map.

  1. Leave the car park by the right-hand gate, opposite the vehicle entrance. Walk along the path until you arrive at the place where a path leads off at a right angle to your right. (Point 2)
  2. DO NOT turn right turn left here. (Here there are two left turns close together, take the first, which immediately splits left and right. Take the right hand split - there is a way-mark but it may be hidden by foliage) and follow the path between the trees keeping straight until you come to a footbridge over a stream. (Point 3)
  3. Cross the steam and continue straight across the next field which has been planted with trees and through the gate on the opposite side. (Point 4)
  4. Take the path diagonally to your right and upwards across the field towards Stoulton village. At the end of the path look for a gap in the hedge (near the corner) Point 5
  5. Go though the gap in the hedge to a wide path, historically known as ‘Parker’s lane’. Go along it to the left Until you reach a gateway on the right. (Point 6)
  6. Go through the gateway and up the path to Stoulton churchyard. Cross the churchyard and pass through the double gate into Church Lane. (Point 7)
  7. Turn left and explore Church Lane; visit the 900 year old Church of St. Edmund to find out more about the church and the village over the centuries. Follow the Lane until it meets the B4084 and then retrace your steps back, passing the Church and The Old Vicarage and continue along the rough road leading to a kissing gate. (Point 8)
  8. Go through the gate and take the footpath that leads straight ahead across the field. From this path you will have a good view of Bredon Hill to your right. (Point 9)
  9. At the far side of the field turn right and go down the hill, keeping the edge of the field to your left. At the bottom turn right and continue along the edge of the field, keeping the ditch on your left hand side.  In the very corner of the field is a well-hidden metal kissing gate leading into a plantation.  Go through it and turn right.  (Point 10)
  10. Carry straight on ignoring the path that diverges to the right; keep the stream on your left. After about 300m the path bends gently to the left and you will see another metal kissing gate and a small redbrick bridge on your left.  (Point 11)
  11. Go through the gate and cross the bridge over the stream.  Then turn right, either immediately (this path is narrower and keeps the stream closer on your right), or after a very short distance. Both paths lead back to the car park where you began your walk.     (Point 1)
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