Worcester Road runs north-south through the centre of Stoulton Village. 

Houses along Pershore Road

Worcester Road Stoulton early 1960s.
Early 1960s showing the Motor House, Boxbush Farm House and Manor Lodge. Compare with the image below take just a few years later
Image showing change along Worcester Road Stoulton.
This arial photograph of Worcester Road in the later 60s shows the Motor House with a large showroom on one side and the addition of Acacia House.

In early times Worcester Road ended in a T junction with Church Lane and Wadborough Road, its extension towards Pershore did not exist until the time of the Turnpikes.  The Reverend Hamilton Kingsford, vicar from 1858 to 1912, called it the 'High Road' but in reality the road had no official name in any of the Census documents up to 1921. Until the road was demoted from the A44 to the B4084 heavy traffic seemed to roar through the village, members of the parish council worked hard to keep the speed limit under control. Even today with the road demoted to a B road and a 30mph limit maintained (as far as possible) it is still dangerous to step out from behind the bus or cross the road to post a letter.

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