The Church of St. Edmund, King & Martyr.

St. Edmund's was built as a Chapel of Ease in the early 12th century, this makes it 900 years old!  The building has many stories to tell if you would have time to listen!,


The ecclesiastical Parish of Stoulton was formed by Act of Parliament in 1814 but the Parish Church, St. Edmund, King & Martyr, was built in the early 12th century! It was built as a Chapel of Ease' for residents of the then, tiny hamlets of Stoulton, Mucknell and Wolverton because their Parish Church, St. Mary's in Kempsey  was five miles away! Over the centuries, as parish affairs grew it was the churches, and the chapels of ease, that took responsibility for the welfare of the poor, law and order, the repair of the roads and education.  In some ways chapels of ease were just like parish churches in that they held Vestry meetings, elected Church Wardens, Overseers of the Poor, Constables and Surveyors of the Roads from within their congregations. All this changed with the Parish Councils  Act of 1894 when responsibility for local affairs was transferred to newly elected Parish Councils.


The ecclesiastical 'Parish of Stoulton' ceased to exist in 1921 with the formation of the ecclesiastical Parish of Stoulton with Drakes Broughton.  In those days Drakes Broughton was just a hamlet in the Parish of Holy Cross in Pershore, it had its own church but St. Edmund's was made the Parish Church.

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