Three  circular trails with walker's directions have been created.  The routes follow public footpaths but they are not 'way-marked'. 


Please contact us if you find any part of the route you are following confusing.


Suggestions for improvement will be carefully considered and an update will be uploaded if the team consider your suggestions an improvement.


Please be careful, the traffic on any roads you encounter can be travelling fast.

This website is mobile friendly so you or you can follow the walker's directions on your mobile phone or tablet.   The maps and walker's directions can also be downloaded in Pdf format. 


All walks can start in the Car Park for Stoulton Woodland on the B4084. The longest walk, Walk 3, has access points in Stoulton Village and Worcestershire Parkway Railway Station. 


Wherever you come from you will find a warm welcome in St. Edmund's Church where you can find more information about this 900 year old building and the history of the parish it has served for so long.


Walk 1.  A short circular walk from the car park at Stoulton Woodlands to Stoulton Village

Walk 2.  A circular walk from the car park at Stoulton Woodlands

Walk 3. A Longer circular walk with access points around the parish






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