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About Box Bush Drive

Stoulton Village
1903. The land that was to become Box Bush Drive.

In 2023 there are three properties on Box Bush Drive, they have beautiful views westwards towards the Malvern Hills but the orchards have long since gone.

1960s. Three new houses were built on the orchard. 

1964. Kathleen Rushton moved into her new bungalow 'Saddlestones' around 1964. She played the church organ for many years.  She used to speak of a huge hedge full of birds on the other side of Box Bush Drive.

1917.  The field was included in the sale of the Stoulton Estate in 1917.

1910.  The Valuation Survey shows Field 54 as part of  the 185 acres of Boxbush Farm.  Freeman Smithen was then the tenant and Lady Henry Somerset the owner.

1838.  Field no 54 on the 1834 tithe map is part of Box Bush Farm.  At that time there was no property on the field, it was to become the orchard shown on this 1903 map.

1634   The 1634 Estate plan clearly shows an early version of Froggery Lane but as yet there is now Box Bush Drive.  A 'Widow Ricards' has a house in the northern corner of the field which is 4 acres (4-0-4) in size. It adjoins the lane.

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