In the far north of the parish lies BRICK BARNS FARM

Historic Stoulton Farms
Looking towards the Malvern Hills from Brick Barns Farm.

1838 Mary Hemmings Farm:  BRICK BARNS

In 1838 the land belonged to Earl Somers of Eastnor Castle in Herefordshire. The tenant of the 247acre farm was Mary Hemming.  Hers was a compact holding of arable and pasture land.  On the Tithe Commutation map of 1838 all the fields were all numbered and named so it is possible to identify how each piece of land was used.  The farmhouse and barns are on site number 354.  Find out more about this property today.

The approach to the farmhouse today is from the A44.  Here this road follows the route of the ancient Salt Way that ran over Low Hill and on into the Cotswolds; some think this was the meeting place of the ancient Hundred of Oswaldlow. 

Stoulton Farms: Brick Barns
In 1838 land was measured in Acres, Rods and Perches.

By 1838 a series of small cottages had been built along the Worcester Road, the current A44.  Curiously several were tenanted by a Samuel Hemming, was he a relation of Mary's?   He is recorded as having at least seven small cottages, perhaps this was a business enterprise! 

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