Sennen Cottage, Pershore Road, Stoulton.

Houses on Pershore Road, Stoulton.
2022 Sennen Cottage



This property was built around 1903 when Lady Henry Somerset (eldest daughter of the 3rd Earl Somers of Eastnor Castle Ledbury, Herefordshire.) was Lady of the Manor.  At that time the land around here was owned by the Eastnor Estate. The land was farmed by tenant farmers.  Many of the properties were tied cottages, homes for agricultural workers.  


Owner occupied for almost sixty years the house has changed a lot.

Houses on Pershore Road, Stoulton.
1963 Sennen Cottage 1963




In 1963  No 2.The Cottages, Main Road, Stoulton was sold for £2,600. The cottage was re-named Sennen Cottage by its new owners, newly weds who had spent their honeymoon in Sennen Cove in Cornwall.  It has been their home for almost sixty years.



1917.  No 2 The Cottage, Main Road, from the document prepared for the sale of the Stoulton Estate in 1917.

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