Sennen Cottage, Pershore Road, Stoulton.

Stoulton Village Properties.
Sennen Cottage in 2022


No 2. The Cottages, Main Road, Stoulton, was sold for £2,600, in 1963. It was re-named Sennen Cottage by its new owners, a pair of newly weds who had spent their honeymoon in Sennen Cove in Cornwall.  It has been their home for almost sixty years!

Stoulton Village properties.
Sennen Cottage in 1963

There are several pairs of cottages similar to this pair dotted around the parish. They were built as homes for agricultural workers , like dotted around the village.  In 2022 most of them have been enlarged and each has its own styles and individuality.  The cottages belonged to the Eastnor Estate and were first sold in 1917 when the whole of the Stoulton Estate was put on the market.  At this time they were part of The Box Bush Farm, Mr. T.R. Bomford was the tenant and the houses were lived in by his under tenants. Mr. James Passey and Mr. G Roberts.


LOT 14. A pair of modern

Semi-detached Brick and Slated Dwelling Houses

Each cottage contains an Entrance Passage, Kitchen with oven grate and cupboard, Pantry, Larder. Back Kitchen with grate and sink, Landing, and three bedrooms; and having detached Washhouse with furnace, Coal Place, and large Garden.  There is also pump and well of water for the joint use of these cottages.

Sold for £270.

The occupants of the pair of cottages in 1910 were Mr James Passey and Mr G Roberts, neither names could be found living in these houses in the 1911 census.

A George Passey ( aged 81), the Estate Carpenter, his wife Eliza (age 82) and their daughter (aged 43) were living in Stoulton in 1911.

In 1911 an Alfred George Edward Roberts (aged 33) Labourere for market garden was living in haw bridge with his wife, Emma, six children and mother-in-law, Letty One aged 75. 

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