About Froggery Lane.

Images Stoulton village
Ariel view into Froggery Lane, probably in the early 1960s. Photo: Karen Hellewell nee Long.

The lane, now know as Froggery Lane, appears on Estate Maps going back at least to 1634.  This picture, taken in the early 1960s shows Boxbush Farmstead.  The old farmhouse is now three cottages. The barns fell into disrepair at the end of the 20th century. They were destroyed by fire but have been rebuilt as beautiful modern homes. 

Beyond the farm was the smithy now know as The Old Forge. It is probably one of the oldest properties in the village and is clearly visible on the 1634 map of the Estate. Over the road are the two Council Houses built in the 1930s, beyond is a market garden. Use this picture to discover how this part of the village has changed.

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