Maps to help you get your bearings

Here is a modern map of the Parish of Stoulton (2022). The parish lies within the dotted lines, shaded a darker shade of green than the surrounding area.  It looks very rural but Worcester and Pershore, the two local postal towns, get ever nearer.  The parish boundary today is very similar to the boundary in 1066. The Domesday Book of 1066 refers to four places within the parish, you can see them on the map today - Stoulton, Mucknell and Upper and Little Wolverton, Wolverton was divided into two by Bishop Oswald in 894.  Today there are a few more places to note on the map - Hawbridge, Windmill Hill and a place called Egdon.  Egdon is a Saxon place name, it stands by a significant junction but a stranger would find it a difficult place to spot. Today's postal district of Egdon includes Upper Wolverton and the houses on both sides of the A44 up to Back Barns Farm.  Has something happened here? The A44 is the parish boundary. Little Wolverton lies in Stoulton parish but unlike the rest of the parish has Pershore, not Worcester as the is the postal town.

The map below will help you understand the geography of the parish. To understand the history of the place it is important to understand the position of the streams.

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