1917. Sale of the Stoulton Estate: Muckenhill Farm

Muckenhill Farmhouse

The Farmhouse is conveniently situated in the centre of the Farm, and contains Entrance Porch and Lobby; Dining Room with tiled grate;Sitting Room with Tiled Grate and two cupboards; Kitchen with range and two cupboards; China Pantry; Lobby with side entrance; Larder; Dairy; Back Kitchen with American Range, two furnaces, sink and soft water pump; Front and Back staircases; six bedrooms; Servants Room and two store rooms; Courtyard with Coal Place; Pump and well of water, and pleasant Front and Kitchen Garden.

Muckenhill Farm Cottages

A pair of brick and tiled farm cottages, each containing Kitchen with oven grate; Pantry; Scullery with sink; Landing and 3 bedrooms; and having Washhouse with two furnaces and baking oven; Pump and well of water; Closet; and large well fruited garden.

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